Benefits Of Sweating

To most of the people sweating is an undesirable body function although it has many benefits. Sweat is mainly water with salts and depend upon what you eat. Eating different foods with altering the chemical composition of sweat. It has benefits even if you are sweating without doing physical work. If you are doing any exercise, you will lose water from your body in the form of sweat. That Is why you need to keep hydrated all the time. Let’s look at some important benefits of sweating.

  • Keep blood pressure low

When you sweat you lose sodium. Higher the sodium higher the blood pressure. That’s why if you want to keep lower blood pressure and you eat food with high amount of sodium you need to exercise to lose sodium from the body through sweating. High sodium level in the body can also cause heart disease. You can also go to sauna which is also a healthy way to sweat. You can go to sauna 3 to 4 times per week for 15 to 30 minutes, which is normally recommended for a person.

  • Removal of toxin from body

There are many toxins in the body like lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic can build up in our body especially in children which can cause development problems. Mercury is present in sea food which can cause neurodegenerative disorder, like Alzheimer’s disease. These toxins are found in sweat in small concentration which means toxins are removed through sweat. Research has shown that people who had a high level of mercury in their body were normalized with sweat with the help of exercise and going to sauna regularly. That is why sweating should not be taken as a bad thing, and it should be considered as a healthy detoxification method.

  • Helps in burning more calories

If you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, it is good to sweat during exercise as it burns more calories than you would burn with no sweating. Sweating is a common cause during exercise. You will burn high level of calories in high temperatures, as sitting in a sauna will help increase removal of calories through the skin from the blood. According to American Council exercise (ACE) working out in warm temperature will help you burn more calories than in colder temperatures.

  • Kidney protection

Sweating removes salts and calcium from kidneys and urine which lowers the risk of kidney stone. In addition, because of sweating you will feel thirsty and drink more water. Also due to more water consumption, the risk of forming kidney stone will be reduced.

According to American Society of Nephrology, a small amount of work out daily and reduced amount of caloric consumption will reduce the risk of a kidney stone to 31 percent.

  • Boost happiness

Sweating and a good level of exercise will help the body in increasing level of endorphins which not only ward off bad mood but also make you feel happy. Endorphins help the body in staying in a positive mood and increase the sense of overall well being.

Over all sweating is good for health but too much sweating can be dangerous.